This website explores my personal experience of Nepal. It aims to enthral the reader in this magnificent country through the use of imagery, tex, themes and digital media I have recorded during my visit. I never imagined I would receive the opportunity to travel this far away. Thus this idea was conceived in my mind to give everyone an opportunity to venture out and lose themselves in their own journey through this wonderful destination.

Exploring Nepal has been split into two sections, allowing the reader to choose their own path either via locations or themes. The first section is ordered geographically, exploring Kathmandu Valley, Chitwan and Pokhara. The second section groups the imagery and digital media from the first section into themes, giving a choice of the type of content the viewer would like to discover about Nepal, whether it is landscapes, local people or wildlife. The theme pollution aims to bring awareness to its emerging threat in Nepal. Throughout this website I have also documented my volunteering experience forming a major part of my journey.

Live out your own adventure through Nepal, use this website as an aid to enhance or plan your trip. In order to further enrich your experience, make sure you have a read of the publication 'Exploring Nepal' which works alongside this website.